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Saving Energy, One Roof at a Time

Energy-efficient Roof Systems and Home Improvements

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Green Roofing in Gainesville FL – Stay Cool & Save Money!

Energy Star

Choose Energy-Star-rated shingles and coatings for the longest roof life and best reflectivity. You’ll enjoy up to 20% energy savings all year long!

Godwin Green roofing in Gainesville, Florida, delivers comfort and year-round energy savings — affordably! Godwin’s Green roofs are long-lasting and a great investment.
Here’s how Green roofing works. Whether you have (or want) a metal or shingle roof, our expert roofing contractors custom-design and optimize your roof systems’ reflectivity, insulation and ventilation.
Green Energy-Star®-rated shingle and metal roofs reflect the sun’s fierce rays away from your roof. Upgraded ventilation systems efficiently remove trapped heat. Premium roof and attic insulation barriers stop heat from invading your living spaces in the summer, while keeping your home warm during winter. Your heating and cooling system runs less often, saving you money every day. Call Chris today at 352-538-4795 ( or use our quick online form ) for a free re-roofing or roof repair quote!

Step 1: Choose a Reflective Roof


Metal roofing is the longest lasting and most energy-efficient roof. There are multiple paint finishes and profile options for any project.

See Paint Color and Style Options for Metal Roofs


We offer an ENERGY STAR® rated shingle, which is more reflective and much more energy efficient than traditional roofs.

See Colors and Styles for Shingle Roofs

Step 2: Upgrade Roof Ventilation

Solar attic fans

Solar attic fans supercharge the attic ventilation by sucking the hot air out of the attic, drastically reducing attic temperatures.

Ridge vents

Continuous ridge vents are the most efficient passive-vent style, allowing more hot air to be released from the attic.

Step 3: Insulation & Radiant Foil Upgrades

Radiant heat foil

Radiant heat foil blocks up to 95% of radiant heat from entering the home, reducing attic temperatures up to 30 degrees on a hot summer’s day.

Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation can be blown in to achieve any R-value and block heat from entering your Gainesville home.