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Energy-Efficient Roof Systems and Home Improvements

Upgrade Your Attic Ventilation

Upgrade your attic ventilation with passive ridge vents and solar-powered attic fans to get rid of hot air in the attic, allowing your home to stay cool and comfortable in the hot months. The AC kicks on less too, saving you energy and cash. For a roofing quote or to ask questions, please call Chris Tenney at 352-538-479, or use our easy quote request form.

Solar-powered fans cool attic — it’s dramatic!

Solar powered vents

Solar attic fans supercharge the attic ventilation by sucking the hot air out of the attic, dramatically reducing attic temperatures.

Continuous Ridge Vents Release Hot Air

Continuous ridge Passive Ridge Ventsvents are the most efficient passive-vent style, allowing more hot air to be released from the attic.

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