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Scotchguard Roof Shingles Stop Algae Streaks

Get Scotchguard-Protected Atlas shingles — No more ugly algae streaks! Scotchguard, the technology made famous for carpet protection, now protects your Atlas asphalt shingles from ugly discoloration due to algae. This proven protection comes standard with all shingle roofs installed by Godwin Green Roofing. Got questions? Want a quote? Please call Chris Tenney at 352-538-4795 today or use our easy quote form.

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3M copper granules fight algae streaks

Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard TM Protector have:

  • Copper-containing granules with a proprietary 3M TM porous ceramic coating that allows copper ions to release slowly over time.
  • A minimum 10% blend of evenly distributed 3M TM Copper Granules among standard colored granules.
  • Third-party verification of the 3M TM copper granule application.
  • An Atlas Lifetime* Algae Resistance Limited Warranty against black streaks  caused by algae.
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